Braiby - Early Childhood Education

Braiby is a free online early childhood education program. It contains sensory-based activities for early childhood development, starting from day 1 of your baby's life.


SMART Systems, Digital Products & Fintech World

Most financial software was designed and developed prior to the mass selling of financial products on the Internet. So many struggle to meet the needs of an automated, STP, AI driven world. Banks and insurance companies are moving their products and services on-line or via an app. They are automating many, previously manual processes. Transforming a product from off-line to digital is not easy. Trying to adapt them is time consuming and expensive, plus the results are usually sub-optimal. Most banks/finance organizations were restricted by their platform and some struggling to offer and automate digital products. Growth and profitability were constrained. Time to market, adapt and innovate were too long. Using traditional, pre digital product platforms or trying to adapt them was not working efficiently.

Zoral Platform was designed to overcome these issues. It is a SMART system, one of the most powerful financial platforms in global use today. With Zoral Platform you can manage the entire customer relationship from the moment a lead is referred to your site.

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Boost your Customer Conversion Rate with Behavioral Data

The more you know about your customer, from the first point of contact onwards, the better you can respond. Companies who use behavioral data efficiently are more profitable. They react more quickly and appropriately to customer and market demands.

Behavioral data is derived from human, device or system behavior, as opposed to structured, application data. Typically, during a 1 minute, on-line session, between 5,000 - 12,000 items of behavioral data/features can be collected.

Behavioral data allows you to build a 360° picture of your clients. It can be used for far more than just simple scoring, (e.g. credit scores etc.). Typically, predictive behavior data is combined with “conventional” data such as, application data, credit bureau data. This can significantly boost the accuracy and range of predictive results.

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Decision Engine - an Essential Component for Digital Products

In many ways selling digitally is no different to selling face to face. You need to understand as much as possible about your customer and ask the right questions. Then, you can continually adapt your approach as you learn more and make consistent, accurate decisions.

If you are selling financial products via the Internet or an App, you need to make automated, reliable decisions. These are no different to the ones you would make if selling face to face. For example, if you receive a lead or referral to your web site, they might be,
  • do I want to pay for this lead? Is it likely to turn into a sale and a profitable customer?
  • which product should sell?
  • if they don’t qualify for product A, should I sell product B?
  • what is the risk? how should I price? do I underwrite this client?
  • will they pay on time?
  • will they renew or churn?
  • are they who they say they are? is this a fraud?
The core of any decision engine is that business users can easily/quickly capture the logic underlying the business’ operation. This is done by creating, testing and managing executable business rules in a human understandable form or graphical notation, without the need of IT involvement. The order of execution and optimization of rules execution is automatically resolved, so is not dependent on business user ability to create optimal logic.


JC-Bingo Datasets


JC-Bingo datasets can be used for research, study and teaching. Datasets are disseminated free of charge.

visitor-interests.csv Aggregated visitor interests compiled based on 1 week web access logs. Includes visitor IP address, user-agent string, visitor country, accessed page languages and topics. 19,926 records, 2.9 Mb.
user-agents.csv Real visitor user agents ordered by popularity. 4,826 records, 716 Kb.
bots.csv Robot IP addresses and user-agent strings extracted from web access logs. 1,293 records, 122 Kb.


Best of UA

Best of UA - це платформа для публікації, оцінювання та обговорення будь-яких цікавинок, що стосуються України чи української культури. Це можуть бути цікаві місця, музикальні гурти, продукти та сервіси, чи просто факти.