JC-Bingo Datasets


JC-Bingo datasets can be used for research, study and teaching. Datasets are disseminated free of charge.

visitor-interests.csv Aggregated visitor interests compiled based on 1 week web access logs. Includes visitor IP address, user-agent string, visitor country, accessed page languages and topics. 19,926 records, 2.9 Mb.
user-agents.csv Real visitor user agents ordered by popularity. 4,826 records, 716 Kb.
bots.csv Robot IP addresses and user-agent strings extracted from web access logs. 1,293 records, 122 Kb.


Best of UA

Best of UA - це платформа для публікації, оцінювання та обговорення будь-яких цікавинок, що стосуються України чи української культури. Це можуть бути цікаві місця, музикальні гурти, продукти та сервіси, чи просто факти.


AI Driven Web Directory

Interesting web directory -- websites are automatically categorized by language and category, and indexed for structured search.

Here is a list of some interesting categories (number of entries in each category is really big):

...and many more.

You can also search by website description, category, content language, contact information, domain registrar, website author/copyright/publisher and even web server. Here is a list of IIS based websites, and here nginx based websites :-)


HappyGrumpy - Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis Tool

HappyGrumpy, an opinion mining and sentiment analysis website, enables you to discover public opinion and sentiments on social media. It gives you free access to following tools:

Twitter Analytics -- See how your friends or celebrities express themselves on Twitter. Are they happy or grumpy? What are their favorite topics? Who are their best mates?

Public Opinion Report -- Check your brand's social reputation score. See how it changes over time. Find out who your brand advocates and haters are.

Public Opinion Polls -- Track social reputation score for up to ten brand names or subjects. Try our new, advanced tool to poll public opinion... instant, accurate, free!

2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign -- Monitor public mood as it changes for each candidate and party, showing their progress over time.